The song matters.

What if you just haven’t found the right song for you? Finding songs for your you as an artist/producer, your band, or your video/movie can be a difficult task. A song specifically written for you is the answer to that. I always like to create new music and have experience in many genres. When I’m songwriting, I always keep a possible productional sound in mind to help you close the gap between the demo and the final product. This is what I can write for you:

Full songs

A song from start to finish with a professional sounding demo, ready to be produced. The ideal option if you want a song written to your personal story, subject or sound. Modern songs require modern approaches to songwriting. These approaches rely on music production more than in the past. I constantly keep this into account while writing. My work covers many genres, all sharing the connection to pop music.

Top lines

A top line is a term for the lead vocal melody and lyrics in a song. I can provide producers, who are looking to work with vocals, complete top lines. This could also involve doing the complete vocal production, leaving you with a vocal you can simply import into your project. This vocal will be surrounded by backing vocals if it suits the song.


Sometimes it’s hard to get inspiration for your songs. It’s a lot easier to write to a complete instrumental with the harmony and productional sound already in place. Ranging from electronic pop to hip hop, and from rock to singer-songwriter, my instrumentals cover many genres. I can also make a custom instrumental to suit your needs. Working with instrumentals is also suitable for producers who are looking to re-arrange and resample the instrumentals to create new sounds.


If this sounds interesting, please get in touch with me!