Vocal production

Because a vocal sells a song.

The vocals are the most important element of a pop song. They are the main element that dictate the song structure and are the most direct way of conveying emotion to the listener. That is why good vocals are key. Most vocalist like to have a producer/engineer present that has enough vocal experience to help them achieve a great performance on their recording. That’s where I come in. Through the final projects I did while completing my master of arts degree I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and skills on vocal production. This helps me to bring out the best performance from a vocalist in the studio that not only sounds good, but also tells the listener a story. My work as a vocal producer usually consist of one or more of these three elements:


A good vocal arrangement supports the lead vocal and song in a number of ways. It enhances harmony, reinforces the song’s structure, builds energy and keeps a song interesting. Modern day charting pop music oftentimes features a dense vocal arrangement. Whenever I’m arranging vocals I am not only deciding which notes to sing where, but am also thinking about a sound and effects that could go with the part. This is especially useful in electronic pop music, where vocal effects can play a leading role.


The most critical listener is the artist himself, which can be harmful for a production and the production process, if not guided properly. Vocalists can get too focussed on small things that bother them, while it could be that it’s thanks to these small things that the emotion comes across. That’s why coaching is an important part of the vocal production process. It gives the vocalist direct feedback and helps him focus on the right things. Coaching is all about making the artist feel at ease so he can focus on more important things; his performance.


Ranging from choosing the right takes for the vocal compilation to tuning vocals, editing is an interesting element of vocal production that most modern productions can’t live without. A solid vocal mix completes the vocal production process. I can provide producers, who are looking to work with vocals, complete top lines.


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