Taking a song to the next level.


In music production I work with artists to enhance their songs and create top notch tracks that can touch their listeners. Some songs are great but just need a little help. As a producer I provide a fresh approach to an existing song. Whether I’m creating a complete track for a solo artist or working with a band, I’m always looking for ways for artists to take the next step. To me music production is all about these three things:


A huge part of my work as producer involves protecting the original vision of the production. At the start of a production process I will sit down with the artist and make sure we both a have good idea of what record is going to be made. This ranges from gathering ideas for possible sounds to getting to know the artist’s ambitions. Every decision will be based upon this vision while still leaving room for creativity.


I enjoy being involved in the songwriting and preproduction phases to get the artist ready for the studio. The work in the preproduction phase ensures getting the best possible sound and song arrangements. This could mean skipping 4 bars in the bridge, using different instruments for a part or adding parts to certain section. Preproduction prevents unhappy surprises from eating up your precious studio time.


The most critical listener is the artist himself, which can be harmful for a production and the production process, if not guided properly. That’s why coaching is an important part of the production process. It gives the artist insight in his performance and helps him focus on the right things. Coaching is all about making the artist feel at ease so he can focus on more important things; his performance.


If this sounds interesting, take a look at the portfolio section to check out some of the production work I’ve done and get in touch with me!